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Help DREAMER TRUST Provide Nutritious Meals To The Hungry

Every day, millions of people in India struggle to get a plate of food. They are struggling to feed themselves and their families. Seeing people like them suffering every day, Mithu Chowdhury decided to do something.

At one time, Mithu Chowdhury worked as a helper with a vegetable trader in different markets of Siliguri for food, worked as a helper in a tempu car, washed dishes in a food hotel in front of NJP railway station in Siliguri for one meal. Seeing the difficulty of food, his friend sometimes arranged food for Mithu Chowdhury at his house. From that time, Mithu Chowdhury dreamed of doing something for the society.

Covid-19 has changed everything for Mithu Chowdhury

Seeing the helplessness of people during covid-19 discussed with friends and decided to help the needy. In the beginning a team cooked nutritious food and dry food was served. Helping various underprivileged communities saw many spending days without food. Seeing this plight, Mithu Chowdhury did not think twice to use a huge part of his savings and started Dreamer Trust’s flagship program ONE RUPEE THALI (Fight Against Hunger and Malnutrition) project and has been able to touch thousands of lives.

“We have seen many people who are starving for days due to this crisis. Our goal is to make sure no one goes to bed hungry. When we started making food we used to give it away for free, but we soon realized that it was an insult to many people, many didn’t want to take food. Then charge Rs 1 so they don’t think they are begging for food and they don’t hesitate to come here.

It is interesting that Mithu Chowdhury does not make this charity work about himself. He works hard to serve others. He strongly believes in maintaining self-respect by providing full meals to those who are hungry for one rupee.

However, there are many who cannot pay even Rs 1 and Dreamer Trust welcomes them with open arms. Dreamer trust feeds around 250+ people full of nutritious food every day in West Bengal. These dishes are made with love and include all kinds of dishes (Like- Vegetable-Rice, Egg-Rice, Fish-Rice, Meat-Rice, Biryani, Khichdi, Rusgolla, Banana etc.). For some, it’s their first meal in days, but the Dreamer Trust ensures it won’t be their last.

How can you help him?

Supported by six staff members, Trust members and volunteers, Dreamer Trust provides food to slum children, street children, elderly, specially-abled, abandoned women, homeless people, destitute and distressed families. Underprivileged students are being catered for by providing nutritious mid-day meals and making them focus on their studies. It has even expanded to provide food packet services to neighboring areas.

Mithu Chowdhury does not get food as before. He now faces the challenge of continuing to feed the thousands of people who depend on him for their daily meals.

Your support will help Dreamer Trust save thousands of needy people in West Bengal.