food basket

‘Food Basket’ was one of the first and foremost social service activities of ‘Dreamer Trust’. The main objective of our project was to provide as much food as possible to the helpless, destitute and street children. In pursuit of this goal, our team has  provided one meal a week to various villages, urban slums and backward areas of West Bengal every week since its inception. 

After the launch of One Rupee Thali initiative we have remodeled our Food Basket for Hungry project. We now collect the extra food available in canteens or any other occasions (marriage, birthday parties, etc.) and distribute them amongst the needy, elderly and children. On top of that we also distribute home cooked food on special occasions.

The main objective for the Food Basket for Hungry project is to collect extra foods from Restaurants, Canteens, Marriage Ceremonies or any other occasions and distribute them to the poor and underprivileged people. We also rally campaigns  to create awareness among common people not to waste food and urge them to distribute the same to the people who need it the most.