One Rupee thali

The dream project of Dreamer Trust is ‘ONE RUPEE THALI’. An initiative has been taken to provide full food every day by one rupee to taking care of the helpless and poor people. The main object of our project is to ensure that do not go hungry the disadvantaged people of the society.

The purpose of ‘ONE RUPEE THALI’ project
We are distributing this ‘ONE RUPEE THALI’ food in front of various government hospitals. This project has been started keeping in mind about the helpless and poor people who come to the government hospital for their medical treatment. It is often seen that it’s very difficult to manage their treatment cost. Then they could not able to buy their food and remained hungry. Our ‘ONE RUPEE THALI’ meal like – Fish rice / Meat rice / Egg rice / Vegetable rice / Biryani and Khichuri have been provided to these helpless people so that they can acquire physical and mental strength for better treatment for their patient by alleviating their hunger.

The reason for taking ‘ONE RUPEE’
If we take ‘One Rupee’, they will be able to having food without any hesitation, they will be feeling like they are buying food, not begging from anyone or eating for free. So we will charge ‘One Rupee’ for this meal.

How to manage the Fund?
Every project of Dreamer Trust is funded by you. Many known and unknown individuals and organizations to help us by giving cash donation, grocery items and vegetables etc. So we would like to make a humble request to everyone to contribute as little as possible so that we can continue this project.

‘ONE RUPEE THALI’ operates 365 days a year. Our ‘One Rupee Thali’ is open every day from 12.00-02.00 pm. Anyone can join with our ‘ONE RUPEE THALI’ project and you can also contribute for them. Cost per Meal:

  • Veg-Rice: RS- 20
  • Egg-Rice: RS- 25
  • Fish-Rice: RS- 30
  • Chicken-Rice: RS- 35