Education program


If we are to tackle hunger, poverty and malnutrition, there is no better way to start than by providing education to needy children. Education not only empowers children for a secure future but also helps them grow as responsible citizens. The Right to Education (RTE) Act of 2009 made education free and compulsory for all children aged 6-14 years. But the socio-economic status of the parents prevents the child from getting an education.


DREAMER TRUST works with the objective of empowering underprivileged children by providing education, nutrition and wellness support through “MUKTA SHIKSHA PATHSHALA”. “MUKTA SHIKSHA PATHSHALA” children from poor families, disaster affected children, abandoned and street children, Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Classes , works to establish children living in remote villages and hard-to-reach areas in society by imparting proper education.

Help bring a sustainable social change

Your monthly donation will provide a child in need with tools for a better education. 

Rs. 2000 / month
Education Materials
Quality Education
School Bag
Co-curricular Activities
Medical Support
Nutritious Food