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What We Care For!

Food Basket

‘Food Basket’ was one of the first and foremost social service activities of ‘Dreamer Trust’. The main objective of our project was to provide as much food as possible to the helpless, destitute and street children. In pursuit of this goal, our team has  provided one meal a week to various villages, urban slums and backward areas of West Bengal every week since its inception. 

After the launch of One Rupee Thali initiative we have remodeled our Food Basket for Hungry project. We now collect the extra food available in canteens or any other occasions (marriage, birthday parties, etc.) and distribute them amongst the needy, elderly and children. On top of that we also distribute home cooked food on special occasions.

One Rupee Thali

The dream project of Dreamer Trust is ‘ONE RUPEE THALI’. An initiative has been taken to provide full food every day by one rupee to taking care of the helpless and poor people. The main object of our project is to ensure that do not go hungry the disadvantaged people of the society. We are distributing this ‘ONE RUPEE THALI’ food in front of various government hospitals. This project has been started keeping in mind about the helpless and poor people who come to the government hospital for their medical treatment.

Education Program

Dreamer Trust’s another notable project is ‘Education for Under Privileged’. Our team deeply believes that after food and clothing, the most important thing for a child is proper education. So we are starting to give primary education to 20 children on a very small scale. The Dreamer Trust’s plan is to start educational activities for the helpless and street children as well as in places where children are still deprived of education. In the next phase, we have plans to provide basic education as well as job-based training, so that the deprived boys and girls of the society can become self-reliant.

Cloth Donation

Another project of ‘Dreamer Trust’ is ‘Clothes Donation Drive’. Along with the ‘Food for Life’ project, one of the things we are focusing on is ensuring clothing for elders and children, according to our ability, for the backward poor in the society. And, to implement this project we have already distributed winter clothes and general clothes several times in several villages of West Bengal. We have plans to increase the scope of this work many times over, as part of this – we will go door to door to collect clothes, set a clothes collection box at a specific place and time. Hopefully through this process we will be able to make many poor people in the society smile with those clothes.