About Dreamer Trust

Who We Are

DREAME TRUST was started in 2020, during the time of worldwide pandemic.

I started DREAMER MITHU with a team involving few of my friends to provide free Food Basket and Clothes to the helpless people of our society, especially to the children in some interior villages of West Bengal, India. This is how, we started our journey and DREAMER TRUST was born. Now DREAMER TRUST is a government registered trust. Our volunteers are continuously trying to stand beside the helpless people.

Children are the future of a nation. For an emerging country like India, the development of children is the key to the nation’s progress and their education is the foundation for the progress. So, along with food and clothing there are arrangements for free education and weekly singing, dancing, recitation and drawing/painting classes, so that the children get proper education.

Vision & Mission


— Our Vision

Our vision is to show humanity through social work as we believe that good always brings better. Everyone has the right to live peacefully in a good environment. So, DREAMER TRUST is continuously working to help the needy.

Our goal is to establish those children in the society, by providing nutritious food, clothing and education to them.

In the present era, women have been playing a big role for the society. So, we want to make rural women self-sufficient and self-dependent through technical education.


— Our Mission

  • Our goal is to work for the welfare of the underprivileged people in the society by emphasising on slum children, youths, physically and visually impaired, elderly, sick and the destitute.
  • Ensuring the overall development of disadvantaged children through quality education, health care and balanced nutrition so that they can live a better life and contribute to society as responsible citizens.
  • To develop skills, train the youth of the society so that they can secure a job and become self-reliant.
  • Providing medical services to people who cannot afford medical treatment.
  • Enriching the lives of older people with care and comfort.

Our Team

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